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One2Love is all about making personal ministry corporate business. It is our effort to support and encourage each member of Northview as they engage in the mission of encouraging those within their spheres of influence toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Want to learn more? Watch the One2Love message here.

One2Love Nomination Form:

Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for Northview’s One2Love.
The requirements for a nominee are as follows:

  1. The nominee must live in the greater Colorado Springs metro.

  2. You must have a personal relationship with the nominee.

  3. The nominee cannot regularly attend a local church.

If your nominee meets these requirements, please fill out and submit this form and the One2Love team will review your nomination and contact you regarding their decision. We suggest that you do not mention this possibility to the nominee in the event they are not chosen as it alleviates awkward and disappointing conversations and explanations. Thank you!


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