We believe that encouraging people toward Jesus starts with simple things like being cared for. Our nursery environment is meant to provide little ones with an atmosphere where they too can learn about God’s love for them.



NORTHVIEW KIDS: 3 - 4 Year Olds / K - 5th Grade

Our hope for all Northview 3/4s is to learn that:
God made them, God loves them, Jesus died for them.

Children K-5 learn from God’s Word how to make wise choices. They learn that God and His Word are trustworthy.



YOUTH GROUP: Jr. & Sr. High

Northview Students is our high school and junior high ministry. Our mission is to encourage students toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by helping them:

Own their faith, create healthy moral boundaries, build meaningful friendships, make wise choices, and learning to put others first.




In order to for a church to encourage people, they have to connect together. At Northview, we connect with small groups and various events for men and women. There are several ways you can connect with others and be encouraged toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.




We support a variety of missions to take part in what God is doing outside the borders of our local church within the world.




Our AWANA ministry equips volunteers with a means to share the good news of Jesus with children and encourage them toward a growing relationship with Christ in order for children to become tomorrow’s leaders, in every aspect of society and culture.