distinctives of northview

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1. Disciple-making vs. Being Discipled

The focus of Northview will not be merely personal growth but reproducing our lives in others. Our ministries reflect the Great Commission balance of Winning, Building, Equipping, Sending.


2. Participatory Worship vs. Passive Worship

Every member of Northview will be a choir member, and the worship time will be designed to facilitate intimacy with God for each worshipper. We’re striving for life-changing, inspiring, God-honoring worship.


3. Church Scattered Evangelism vs. Church Gathered Evangelism

We believe the most effective evangelism takes place Monday through Saturday in the community, at the work-place, and in the family.


4. Seeker Sensitive vs. Seeker Driven

Our worship service will be primarily geared toward the spiritual feeding of believers. Yet, at the same time we will always strive to be sensitive to any seekers who may be in attendance. We will do this by communicating why and what we are doing in our services and by sharing the simple, powerful Gospel message at every opportunity.


5. Cheerleading vs. Permission Giving

At Northview, the leadership’s role will be to applaud and encourage member’s ministry initiatives, not stifle them. Creativity and innovation will be championed, as well as prayerful evaluation of what works.


6. Connected vs. Disconnected

At Northview, we’re committed to loving one another in the context of small groups. We’ll structure the church to facilitate and strengthen biblical relationships, breaking large groups into small groups whenever possible.


7. Time Sensitive vs. Time Intensive

The currency of the culture we live in has become time as much as money. At Northview, we will keep committee meetings to a minimum, strongly encourage members not to become over-committed, and teach believers how to prayerfully schedule their time for a balanced spirit-led life.


8. Spirit Conscious vs. Numbers Conscious

At Northview, we’ll discourage basing the success of a ministries solely on "how many showed up?" We are much more concerned with how the Holy Spirit moved during a certain activity and whether Jesus Christ was glorified. Numerical measurements, however, are useful in determining if we are fulfilling the Great Commission.


9. Every Member a Minister vs. One Man Show

We believe in the "priesthood" of all believers (1 Peter 2:9), that each believer has at least one spiritual gift to use for the good of the body (1 Peter 4:10) and that the primary role of the Pastor is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). We also trust God to raise up gifted workers for the ministries He is calling us to, rather than just plugging holes with any available warm bodies!


10. A Unique Mission from God vs. Everything to Everybody

At Northview, we understand that we can’t possibly please everyone who walks through our doors. For some people, our style of church just won’t be a match. We understand this, and we also understand the futility of trying to constantly change to please everyone. We believe God has called us to a specific ministry to reach specific people. When we are not a match for someone, we will cheerfully direct them to another Christ-centered local church where they can minister and be ministered to.